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Halloween is a chance to dress-up. It creates an interesting energy that can mean different things to different people. It has become an art contest and a fashion show! The dark extreme colors are fun but seasonal. Halloween can be a chance to connect with community and maybe even cook something or have a party. This holiday has defiantly lost its spark for me since I lost my justification to eat lots of candy. However some of the art is impressive.

I Don’t Keep Broken Christmas Ornaments…

I know it’s difficult. After years of collecting or inheriting pretty lights and ornaments, some are destined to be broken, even though their sentimental value can still be strong. This is a great place to push yourself, because holiday decorations take up tons of storage.

I dislike the cold dark winters, and holiday lights warm my soul. And with the new LED lights for sale everywhere, lately we’ve been faced with a new ethical and financial dilemma. LEDs use less electricity, lower our bills, and you can attach more of them together. If you go all out and upgrade your lights, then be strong and say goodbye to the old ones. They take up lots of space, and if you have the new ones, will you really go back? This is a good way to lighten our space.

Before and After Pictures

This is not finished, but it’s a good start! Years of dirt gone!

Before and After Pictures

Here is the story: We had a scary concrete area where all the weird yard trash had collected over years. I believe to make a home complete you can’t live with trashed areas even if they are outside your home. They can create an unnecessary guilty feeling. I doubt our neighbors liked it much.

So I took it upon myself to clean this area. I have before and after pictures. I hope when you look at them you see the change in energy. This trashed area of our home had been this way for fifteen years.

Closet Cleaning

Closet cleaning is about making room for positive change. It can be a chance to move on in life, or even just breathing room for the unexpected.

Start with a small area. Don’t over think. Trust your first reaction.

  • Things to keep – Ask yourself: do you use it? Do you love it? How does it make you feel?

  • Trash – Even though it’s wasteful sometimes we just have to put stuff in the trash. Some things can not be recycled and if we believe we will get the best value or donation out of every idem the stuff may never leave the house

  • Donate pile – Is a comforting way to find unused items a new home. Also having a friend or someone else take the pile away can be helpful. Then we are not tempted to start pulling stuff out of the pile.

  • Storage box – There is nothing wrong with keeping storage, but you have to question why you are keeping it. It’s best to keep it limited and organized.

Don’t keep clothing you keep but never wear. Every time you wear something put it on the right side of your closet. You will start to see the stuff on the left that you don’t wear. Sometimes we associate clothing with a time in our life. However unless you are framing it, or scrap booking it, it becomes clutter. Don’t feel sorry for clothing that doesn’t fit, or for unwanted gifts. They hold us back.

There is always The Box System to fall back on: Box it away and then determine a month or two later if you miss it. If you don’t even remember what is in the box and have not been missing the contents, send it on its way.