Clutter Shopping & Love VS Primal Instinct

An old friend who was medicated on high levels of estrogen told me “I want to find a man who can kill deer and feed my children”. This line has always stuck in my head. It brings up the question for me. How many decisions are made from hormones and instinct?

How much are humans shaped by our current society and how much is our personality hardwired or maybe historically build into our system?

Call me superstitious but I believe if you want a partner in your life you should clean out half of your closet even if you haven’t even met them yet. You are making space for life instead of living in the potential. I love nothing more than walking into a clean room with a flower on the table, a clean kitchen counter, and no piles of paperwork in sight. This becomes difficult if we keep hunting and gathering.

We go into Target with an intention such as toilet paper. However there are lots of shinny things at Target. They have sales and bargain deals. I personally am a sucker for dollar bins. It’s hard to leave without having done one run around the whole store. We don’t even know what we are hunting for, but we find it.

So we are shopping hunters. We crave the moment we go home and open the box, take things out of the bag, rip off the plastic wrap. Then we have a mess (packaging to throw away or recycle) and merchandise that has turned into space consuming joy. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want you to burn your TV and join a commune. We do need to shop. We do need toilet paper. I see nothing wrong with wanting a Playstation. It’s about how every time we go out we tend to end up with extras things, things that turn into clutter.

Lets talk more about how much fun it is to put on brand-new make-up, socks, or to open a Nintendo DS box with the fresh smell of plastic and cardboard. We find shopping relaxing, healing, and it’s even a sport. We often buy stuff thinking about the possibilities it might bring to our life. The problem is that we might already have enough socks, but just like that there is a sale – we don’t always need more.

Overall it’s about training ourselves to get what we need, maybe indulge, but don’t go the extra shopping mile. Before you get to the checkout line really take a good look at your basket and maybe even take a few things out. When you get home you will still feel satisfied.

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