My Slightly Disturbing Opinion on Holiday Gifts

Last year I spent Christmas with a family in California. I had never spent the holiday with them before and I was in for a surprise. I was told to be up at five am in case the children woke up early. They didn’t actually wake up until eight am, and by then I was dead asleep on the couch.

Under the tree were about a hundred gifts. About three of them were for me, and maybe five or six for each adult. The rest were for the two children. I watched the children rip open each gift, one by one, each time repeating an unenthusiastic robotic “thank you”. Almost very gift was made of plastic, made in China, and a couple of them even broke minutes later. The adults entertained themselves trying to fix them when they broke. This was just how they did their holiday.

The adults were stressed out, I believe because they wanted it to be a perfect day. They compensated by drinking way too much. The part that made me the saddest was that after about an hour of opening gifts the little girl asked her mom “can I stop opening gifts now?” There were still many many gifts left and the mom told her to try and finish. The whole thing took over two hours and no one was having fun. After awhile I fell back asleep on the couch.

Once back home I put the experience into perspective. So much festivity, yet why did I have such a bad time? Growing up, my parents, relations, and Santa got together to give us each under ten gifts, all of quality. I loved Christmas as a kid.  These kids only got plastic stuff that would not last.

This relates back to clutter clearing because all the children got for Christmas was clutter. The parents maxed out their credit cards on the kind of plastic toys that in a year end up at Goodwill. I feel cynical writing this, but it was shocking and affected me. I want to end on a good note. People love just knowing that you are thinking of them. If you are going to buy someone a gift, let it be useful, artistic, and most of all full of love.

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  1. Jonnie says:

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