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Peter Piper picked a peck of people paper problems. It is that simple. We have a fear of missing out. Throwing away that one article we had saved for seven years for a now forgotten reason.

I had a conversation with my friend about cookbooks. Cookbooks can be amazing and full of great recipes, but in a crunch (and I’m almost always in a crunch with cooking) I run to google.com and quickly find my recipe or answer. Not to say that we shouldn’t have cookbooks, but we need to understand that reading something once might be good enough. Paper might seem harmless and valuable, but the value of a stress free life is invaluable.

If you have the paper in a box and have forgotten about it for over six months, then it’s probably clutter. If you love it and need it then scrap book it, laminate it, have it visible and clean. If it’s not quickly accessible then it becomes clutter.

If you don’t love it dearly or actually need it, then it becomes time to give it away! Recycle, or donate it. I think Goodwill is an amazing resource for letting things go. One easy way to have clean space it to get rid of stuff you don’t actually want. We tend to hang on to things we don’t want without even thinking about it. When cleaning an office, the first step would be to take out things that don’t belong or are not needed. Make it your creative space.

One of the main problems is finding efficient ways to store or file paper. An office will always feel cluttered if we have piles of paper. It is important to have some sort of system. There is not one right way of doing things. It’s about finding the organizational method that works for you. Don’t just go to an office store and buy a bunch of plastic. Try to be creative first, and then get what you need. Often the plastic containers we buy to organize our clutter become clutter themselves; it’s an evil cycle.

Make sure you feel comfortable in your space. Have pictures you love and a really comfy chair. If your office becomes a place you want to avoid there will be no movement. Without movement clutter gathers. This is how important documents get lost. Keep your mail in one spot. Mail can be a trouble area for people. If you are going to stay caught up on one thing you might want to make it the mail.

These are just tips. I would love to answer more questions or go into most detail. I’m afraid of I make this much longer it will get dull, so I’m going to keep it crispy. But don’t worry, there is so much more to come. And please email me with questions.

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