‘TO DO’ Piles

We always have paper areas. Commonly these are near the door, or where we normally sit. And the first thing that piles up is the mail. When these piles get out of control, what do we do? Sometimes we do nothing and important documents get lost. Sometimes we do deal with the pile but it takes a lot of energy.

Maybe some people don’t have these piles.

It’s nice to have ‘to do’ and ‘to file’ piles. And it’s important to make sure our sorting area is clear from other clutter. Have it be an area designated to paper. I was going though my resource books when I saw the idea of taking a board and gluing clothespins to it. then painting it a nice color. Then you put it in your business area and keep your top priority paper items on it.

I wanted to see how well this worked, so I took a paint stick from Home Depot and super glued clothespins to it. Then I attached it with ribbon and hung it in an area I use frequently. I put a motivational photo on it, a couple important business cards, a prescription that needed to be filled, and some paper to take to the bank. The stick held the joyful picture, but also paper stuff that needed to be dealt with right away. I found this actually helpful. I felt relief every time something came down from the wall, and happy to put things up because I knew I wouldn’t forget about them. I also found it to be cute looking, and since I could only fit so much on the stick, I had to prioritize.

There is a lot more I could say about ‘to do’ piles, but instead I’m just going to share a picture of my wacky room with my Home Depot stick.

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