Cats and Clutter

People have been asking me to write about why cats like clutter. The short answer is that cats enjoy ownership. By that I mean they will sit on everything from your piece of paper to your pillow. Cats sit on things “because they can” – like they own them.

The long answer is that cats are as different from us as they are from dogs. I have worked in three different holistic pet shops and have learned a lot specifically about the differences between cats and dogs. For example, it is pretty easy to find a healthy diet that will work for a dog. It’s an extreme battle to find a diet that will work for a cat. Cats need higher protein in their diets. Unlike dogs, cats shouldn’t eat ‘anything’ (stuff on the floor, grain, table scraps); they should feed primarily on meat. It’s important to diversify their protein sources to keep their immune system strong. However, cats are drawn primarily to stinky food – food like the unhealthy food found at the grocery store (full of filler corn and wheat instead of meat) or just cat food that smells like fish. It is unhealthy to just feed a cat fish-based food since they will not get all the nutrition they need for their kitty diet. I personally believe in shopping at holistic pet shops because the quality of food at grocery stores has gone down hill since a brand “Hills” bought out most of the brands and then lowered the quality of ingredients that is used in the food.

Cats want to hunt and kill. Sometimes when cats are picky their owners have to move their food bowl to different places around the house so the cat feels like it’s hunting for the food. Dogs can be picky, but nothing in comparison to a kitty. The point here is that kitties have strong, distinct personalities that are impossible to fully understand. The cat is in control. You can try to trick them, but where they walk, eat, sleep, and play is completely up to the cat – also who they like, and or how scared they are of people. Some cats are friendly and outgoing others like to hide all the time. There is also the issue of cats having a distinct sense of territory, which can become a problem when you have more than one cat. But back to the question of cats and their affinity for clutter.

You will find your dog sitting on the bed, couch, or pillow, but rarely on top of the television. Cats will: crawl into holes, sit on microwaves, hide in and on bookshelves, and sit in baskets. They loves tables, inside a washing machine (keep them closed if you have cats so they don’t go in). Cats like trees, bags, boxes – overall, places where they are in the middle of things.

Not so say that all cats are weird. Some cats might just sit on the bed or by the heater. But unlike dogs, cats are not intimidated by chaotic energy. They like strong energy, good or bad. I’ve observed them being drawn to areas of chaos. In my photo blog I have a picture of a cat in the middle of a table surrounded by clutter. She is happily sleeping there. I have had cats my whole life, and they have always done strange things like being attracted to clutter areas.

Dogs like comfort. Cats like both comfort and chaos. It comes with how strongly cats are territorial. I find that sometimes we lose sight of how different our pets are from us. We people don’t thrive in a setting of clutter. It can overwhelm us. Kitties, however, have no problems with this. They can thrive even in situations that make humans uncomfortable.

Ultimately cats are awesome (I, however, am a dog person).

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