Pick a Number

Sometimes we have multiples of things, like six pairs of running shoes or maybe three vacuum cleaners. There are many reasons for having multiples. A common one is inheriting belongings from a loved one, and another is that we got a better or newer version of something we use.

This is where to play the clutter clearing ‘pick a number’ game. Maybe we can have two vacuums. One that is good for large spaces and one better for smaller areas. Maybe three pairs of running shoes would work just as well as six. We pick a number that represents how many of a category (running shoes, purses, vacuum cleaners, stuffed owls) we actually want to own, care for, and maintain.

This works because we all have favorites. We love our designer bags, but an over abundance of them becomes clutter. So we pick our number to keep, and then pick our favorites until we reach the number we have picked. If you start with picking your favorites as you are downsizing, you won’t feel bad when you let go of the stuff that is left in the over-the-limit pile.

Anytime you move furniture you move energy. Sometime just moving stuff helps a room feel fresh. If nothing else, it helps find spots that haven’t been vacuumed or dusted in awhile, or that need cleaning. Spend some time moving furniture around to open up a central space, or to create smaller spaces within a room to add intimacy. You can always move things back. But you might find the energy changed by the process. And you might see new possibilities that were unimaginable when the room was frozen in place.

It’s also important to start with something positive. Something you want to fix. Something nice like a new rug. It can give you heart to clutter clear the area around it.

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