Storage VS Mental Clarity

What do you do once you have cleared your clutter? There is always more to do, right? At what point do we call it good enough? Maybe collecting glass frogs is okay, but is it still okay when it takes up half a room? What do we do when we have cleaned everything, but we need to take it to the next level of cleanliness? We have cleaned the extra clothing out of our closet, but are left with the dust around the corners.

I have a lot of clothing. There is a big charity yard sale coming up and it seemed like a good opportunity to downsize my emotional attachment to fabric. I went though my clothing three times, even the back-up old sentimental clothing. I looked around and realized I still had too much clothing. There were memories holding me to fabric -the most difficult being a ratty old shirt owned by a friend who passed away. But what good is this stuff doing for me in a box? Some day I’m going to pull it out of the box and think ‘oh this’ and then put it back into the box for safekeeping. So many people these days have storage units. I just don’t believe in them. We start to forget what is actually in storage and it becomes a waste of space and mental energy.

So I asked my mom to help me throw away some of the old clothing. Some was my father’s. I so didn’t want to let go, but actually felt strong relief once it was gone. She pointed out that I was saving loved clothing that does not fit me anymore. I don’t believe in saving clothing “because it will fit again someday”. It might be true, but it’s again a huge mental drain. And, truth be told, styles have changed.

Ask a friend to help. Hire me to come be your wingman. But let go of the mental stress that comes along with this stuff. Maybe once you do, the dust in the corners will disappear, or will be more noticeable to your cleaning lady (I’m a big fan of the cleaning lady). And move on. We live in the past and we live in the future. Why is it so hard to live in the present? A clean home helps us have a clean mind, focusing on positive stuff that is relevant to this week.

Our brain makes neuronal connections that can be good or bad. For every bad thought we need a good one if we are to strengthen our state of mind. So try this: every day come up with three positive things that happened that day. See if six months down the line it helps how you feel. And take your vitamins.

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