V-Day Clutter

One year for Valentines Day I flew to Los Angeles to visit my long-distance (ex) boyfriend. This was my first real Valentines Day with a boyfriend and I was excited. I had put hours of loving thought into his gift. My hopes were high.

My romantic gift from my boyfriend was a card. Not just any card, but a three-foot handmade poster board V-Day card. It had pictures of us on it and lots of glue. Despite the disappointment that it was not a necklace or even just anything other than a card, there was a clutter problem.

A three-foot poster board doesn’t fit into a suitcase. And what do you do with it once you get home? I had to break it in half to get it home. I couldn’t frame it, so it lived in the closet for the short life that it lived.

Then he took me to Disneyland. Sounds romantic right? Not when the boyfriend makes you get there at opening, ride every ride, and stay until closing. I am sparing details of the day, but ultimately it was like being at Disneyland with a five year old. Not romantic.

When you are planning something special for someone think about what fits into his or her comfort zone. Give a gift that won’t just turn into clutter. Give a gift that is personal, useful, or doesn’t take up a whole counter’s worth of space. It’s only the thought that counts if you put actual THOUGHT into the gift.

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