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Update May is turning 32

Turning the big 32 this month. It’s been awhile since i’ve updated. I’ve done some writing but haven’t had a chance to edit due to finding a living situation. I’m happy to update that Dolly is making great improvements as a dog. I have been having a hard fibro spring and dealing with lots of pain but I’m joyful due to friends and wonderful people in my life. I couldn’t be happier unless I had lots of money. Money is a serious issue and one has to be careful. Thankfully I’m about of my last abusive relationship and onto new beautiful things. He was all about appearances and a person with no depth. I have a dog that reflects that but I’m not going to let her be a bad doggy. I’m working hard to make her a good person. Life keeps going and I’m very excited about this summer. I want to spend lots of time in nature. Life has been hard but what counts at the core has been great.