The Process

Clutter can be defined as things you do not use or need, untidy or disorganized things, too many things in too small a space, and anything left unfinished.

You will find that the clutter clearing process will simplify your life and bring you peace of mind, clarity, confidence, more energy and better control over your life.

The first step in the clutter clearing and organizing process is for Judy to visit your space to conduct an initial consultation session and needs assessment to talk about the cause of the disorganization.

During this initial consult, Judy gives guidance on where to start the un-cluttering, the subsequent steps to take, a time estimate and a suggested schedule for the project to keep it manageable.

Judy then begins working side-by-side with you during this same consult to sort through items you may have held on to for a very long time and find difficult to let go of, and/or items that just need to be organized. Together you will prioritize which items to throw away, give to charity, recycle, sell, keep, put elsewhere or organize.

Once you’ve decided what you will be keeping, Judy will help you develop a plan to organize your office and home and to stay organized. Working with your own style, she will help you decide where to store or display the items and help you set up simple and practical containerized organizational systems such as dividers for drawer storage, bookshelves, filing and storage containers, etc.

The process could take as little as several coaching sessions depending on your needs, or more long term. The time depends on the scale of the job and the amount of time you have. It’s important to set realistic goals in the beginning so Judy and you are both clear on what needs to be achieved in the time allotted.

Each un-cluttering session ranges from 3 hours to 6 hours. Sessions less than 3 hours allow insufficient time to make an impact and sessions more than 6 hours are over ambitious in terms of energy and focus.