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I’m Going Radio Goo-Goo for GAGA Once Again But Now it’s Political

I’m really happy with what Lady Gaga has been doing in the media lately. She’s been finding ways to spread awareness about sexual assault and chronic pain (fibromyalgia). Musically, she’s made one album I don’t like. And she canceled a concert on my birthday two hours before doors making me lose so much money. And I spent my birthday in tears with nothing to do. Mind you I was turning thirty-one I think I probably needed to grow up.

Gaga talks about how awful her fibro is and yet she can work and do anything because she lives with a support team and can get food, massage and injections any time she needs it… and seeing that is hard for me… I know she still feels pain and with her job it’s probably hard and painful and I don’t wish that on anyone. So just because of my feelings I don’t want to discredit whatever she does go though. That said, because I want to a career so badly but don’t have the money to throw at fibro or the problems that come with chronic illness…

I feel better now. She’s started using her privilege the best way possible by making heartfelt statements to millions of people, spreading awareness about two issues that have greatly impacted my life more than almost anything. So love to GAGA and I’m officially a fan again. Her last album Joanne undeniably rocked too. I can’t deny that. I can’t wait to see A Star is Born.

*The photo is of a Barbie doll that (many years ago) I tried to make look like Gaga and then sold on Ebay.

SO I’m

Adding a new post. It’s a new start. Time to really start.

10 Reasons Why Social Lube Dating is a Bad Idea – Don’t Drink… Play Legos.

Coming soon

TV commercials, movies, and bad advice from college friends are a components to awful first and last dates. They also contribute to long-term drinking problems as being the norm. I’m going to give you reasons to not fear social sobriety and to embrace the beauty of an awkward first date.

Update May is turning 32

Turning the big 32 this month. It’s been awhile since i’ve updated. I’ve done some writing but haven’t had a chance to edit due to finding a living situation. I’m happy to update that Dolly is making great improvements as a dog. I have been having a hard fibro spring and dealing with lots of pain but I’m joyful due to friends and wonderful people in my life. I couldn’t be happier unless I had lots of money. Money is a serious issue and one has to be careful. Thankfully I’m about of my last abusive relationship and onto new beautiful things. He was all about appearances and a person with no depth. I have a dog that reflects that but I’m not going to let her be a bad doggy. I’m working hard to make her a good person. Life keeps going and I’m very excited about this summer. I want to spend lots of time in nature. Life has been hard but what counts at the core has been great.

How do we Let Go after a Breakup?

There is the classic change your hair and eat ice cream. If the relationship was serious how do we adjust to single patterns? Like in Sex and the City, we are excited to revert to our secret single behaviors at the start of the breakup but then the reality sets in. We are single, along at night and craving the habits we had with our ‘other’.

We all know distraction, rebounding flirting, and life focus can help with the day-to day feelings – but what about at night? The only realistic answer is ‘time’ but who these days has time? I’m disabled and have to use all my time and energy on important stuff so it doesn’t feel wasted. This stupid break-up has wasted so much energy – among other things.

Because we can’t go back into time before our ex got ‘mean’ to talk to them for late night comfort. We miss our ex and they are a daydream or nightmare. Ultimately they are the last thing we actually want. My ex left me for his pride. And that’s something he can never recover from. I gave him my heart and he gave me some pride. I say that because before we broke up he saw “Say Anything” in the theatre without me, something that’s so wrong on so many levels.

So how do we recover? We wait. We try and sleep. We flirt. We focus. We rely on friends. We rely on pets and family… and we trust ourselves. That said, it’s never okay until it’s okay. So here’s to making it though another night. Do you have suggestions?

Today I went to the post office to close my PO Box. It was the last thing holding me back from 100% letting go of my relationship. I no longer have a reason to drive to that area.