Photo Journal

Photo Shoot – Dark Eyes

We Already Have it All!

Dolphins tackle their clutter head on. The smart creatures make their own toys. Using bubbles they make rings into playful toys. Then the bubble rings disappear into nothing and they have the beautiful space of clear water.

I have seen a baby entertain herself for hours using a vitamin bottle as a rattle. These days we buy babies mountains of toys; we also buy endless plastic containers to help us organize our clutter. I tell my clients to pack the stuff they are unsure of keeping into a box. Hide it away for six months. If they still miss the stuff in the box, they can keep it. If they have forgotten what’s inside it, then it goes away.

I own about fifty dog toys and too many plastic boxes. So I’m not saying that it’s really bad to do these things. But it is good to think about what we have before we get more stuff. I find that people looking for storage answers often already have them in their home. Buying new stuff will only lead to furniture in the yard with a ‘free’ sign on it. It pains me when people say, “I just need a bigger house”. The truth is, no matter what, you can make it work. You can have a beautiful house with clean energy. You just have to start looking at your stuff in a different way.

The key is to train our mind to see clutter and identify it. This is not something that happens overnight, which is why I work with people. Over time we start to see that some of the things we hold on to are not useful and even bring us down. Something might have sentimental value, but if you associate it with something negative (like a fight with a relative) it’s probably time to find it a new home.

Things that once had great value may now be dolphin bubbles. We have to let them go. Bask in the element of water and peace of mind. It’s easier said than done, but a clutter free life is liberating.

Color and the New Year

I’m drawing a blank when it comes to this new year. I feel like I should write something inspirational. I guess get ready for spring cleaning! It’s really dark outside in Olympia, Washington. The best advice I have is to eat good food, take care of yourself, and enjoy the color that we do have. Put colors in your home that make you happy and uplift you.

Just an Idea

Some people love the winter. But from my experience in the North West many people get depressed. It’s important to be surrounded with light and flowers. When you are thinking of holiday gifts for friends (I highly suggest giving a gift to the mail carrier) give flowers, things that smell nice, candles, things that are truly uplifting. We tend to eat too much with the dark weather. Think of uplifting things that are surprising. Lavender is great for depression and dark weather.

‘TO DO’ Piles

We always have paper areas. Commonly these are near the door, or where we normally sit. And the first thing that piles up is the mail. When these piles get out of control, what do we do? Sometimes we do nothing and important documents get lost. Sometimes we do deal with the pile but it takes a lot of energy.

Maybe some people don’t have these piles.

It’s nice to have ‘to do’ and ‘to file’ piles. And it’s important to make sure our sorting area is clear from other clutter. Have it be an area designated to paper. I was going though my resource books when I saw the idea of taking a board and gluing clothespins to it. then painting it a nice color. Then you put it in your business area and keep your top priority paper items on it.

I wanted to see how well this worked, so I took a paint stick from Home Depot and super glued clothespins to it. Then I attached it with ribbon and hung it in an area I use frequently. I put a motivational photo on it, a couple important business cards, a prescription that needed to be filled, and some paper to take to the bank. The stick held the joyful picture, but also paper stuff that needed to be dealt with right away. I found this actually helpful. I felt relief every time something came down from the wall, and happy to put things up because I knew I wouldn’t forget about them. I also found it to be cute looking, and since I could only fit so much on the stick, I had to prioritize.

There is a lot more I could say about ‘to do’ piles, but instead I’m just going to share a picture of my wacky room with my Home Depot stick.