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Bucket List – DONE!

I saw the Mona Lisa on my thirtieth birthday. I  don’t like the concept of a ‘bucket list’ it’s often unrealistic and seems to defeat the point of living in the moment. It does however create goals to work towards. So I more or less call it “things I kinda wanna do”… I eventually gave in and was willing to use the word ‘bucket list’ just because it’s the social norm. The two things I hadn’t done was find a life partner and buy a house. I’m still working on these bigger goals and smaller ones have been popping up like never before. I realized the other day I need to see The Northern Lights. I’m not sure how I’ll do. I can’t deny the fact that I’ve always wanted to see them. If I died tomorrow I would die knowing I lived a full life. I’m not sure how many people can say that. I was watching the show “no tomorrow” and I hated the concept of a list. That said it did make me start to wonder what would I do if I HAD to make a list? There’s some classic travel, tattoos, but when I think about it the thing I enjoy most is art and being at home around people I love. What do you think of the bucket list? What’s on your list? Does having a bucket list take away from living in the moment? 


One thing I thought I could never do is karaoke. Age 31 I did this and I believe it was on a list. I just didn’t want to admit it. Diamonds are a girls best friend! 

Colored Vinyl = Trendy Heart

We Really Have it All

I take comfort in babysitting the sick. Having fibromyalgia I’m constantly reminded that people with normal energy can’t understand my lack of ability. For a moment the healthy person is understanding. I know that in a week they will have forgotten their dizzy spell of empathy and be back to un-understanding sympathy.  I also am not lost for empathy myself. I would truly rather be pushing myself and hurting than seeing a loved one sick. When my loved one is sick I can actually keep up with them. They get a taste of my life that’s full of pain and frustration. I however get good at the little things. There are many skills you can develop when you are lacking energy. Ways to entertain yourself, looking for patters, maybe doing research. 


I don’t wish fibromyalgia on anyone. I hope mine gets cured.