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When we walk into our home after a long day of work we should never have to feel depressed or overwhelmed. I’m not going to go over the reasons we sometimes feel this way. I want to say something about light, and the ultimate outcome of bringing light into our homes. Look at this picture and please comment about how it makes you feel or what you see in it.

This picture is cluttered but at the same time looks clean and is full of light. When I look at it I think ‘I want to walk down that street’. It’s nice to feel that way at home. The feeling of walking in the door and feeling comfortable or comforted.

The reason I like this picture is because of the energy and light I see in it. I also feel movement when I look at it. Making a home beautiful is one thing, making it functional, with beautiful movement would be ultimate.

What is the movement like in your home?

How is the light in your home?

Is your home clean enough that you can feel uplifted when you walk in the door?

If these areas need improvement this is a good place to start. For me living in Washington it’s a battle to have the right kind of light that makes a home feel warm and functional. However there is hope and many different things one can do to improve their light and warmth.

When I clutter clear I also house clean on a deep level. The two things together make for the most efficient path to long-term success.

Please let me know what you think!

I Don’t Keep Broken Christmas Ornaments…

I know it’s difficult. After years of collecting or inheriting pretty lights and ornaments, some are destined to be broken, even though their sentimental value can still be strong. This is a great place to push yourself, because holiday decorations take up tons of storage.

I dislike the cold dark winters, and holiday lights warm my soul. And with the new LED lights for sale everywhere, lately we’ve been faced with a new ethical and financial dilemma. LEDs use less electricity, lower our bills, and you can attach more of them together. If you go all out and upgrade your lights, then be strong and say goodbye to the old ones. They take up lots of space, and if you have the new ones, will you really go back? This is a good way to lighten our space.