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Just an Idea

Some people love the winter. But from my experience in the North West many people get depressed. It’s important to be surrounded with light and flowers. When you are thinking of holiday gifts for friends (I highly suggest giving a gift to the mail carrier) give flowers, things that smell nice, candles, things that are truly uplifting. We tend to eat too much with the dark weather. Think of uplifting things that are surprising. Lavender is great for depression and dark weather.

California Christmas Inferno – What is a holiday?

My ex-boyfriend’s parents were multi-millionaires. The reason I mention this is because it was my ‘class issue’ holiday.  They disliked my dating their son Zach. I usually get along with just about everyone. This whole holiday shocked me to the core. There was no welcome mat. They were socially forced to involve me in their festivities (Christmas dinner, gift opening, and even family photos).

I was in an episode of the twilight zone. Zach and I went to pick up the homemade holiday dinner. This meal was not made at home. It was made by a family business that makes Christmas dinners every year for people who can afford it. Seeing as I was in new territory I peeked over the counter at the check. It was five hundred dollars. I can’t describe the feeling I had at that moment. Seeing as Zach’s mom doesn’t cook this was their tradition. It was perfect. The food was a complete meal, but lacked heart.

The gift opening was embarrassing because my gifts for Zach (even the handmade one) were upstaged and looked at awkwardly by his parents. It is difficult to shop for someone who has everything. I was blessed with the gift of a romantic engraved ipod.

Everything was perfect, expensive, immaculate and filled with disappointment. The underlining factor was that the parents were disappointed that I existed, sad that their kids were not following in their footsteps. Zach took the role of the whiney kid. I’ve never seen an adult go so quickly from normal adult to childhood regression. They didn’t drink, so everyone was over-eating to compensate for the lack of conversation. I felt uncomfortable through the whole visit.

There is nothing wrong with having money. And every family has their own personal dysfunction. There is a positive spin to this. Maybe I’m trying to talk more about ‘what not to do’. I want to talk about finding the heart of the holiday. You can follow a rulebook or take things as they come.

I ask the question ‘what is a holiday?’ I’m not even sure. It could be family, food, consumerism, the showing of love, festive feelings, trying to reenact our childhood, trying to give our children something to remember. In my last story-blog Christmas, it was about the food, drinking and fighting. That was the normal they were happy with. For Zach’s family it was about covering up what each person was really thinking, and expressing things in passive aggressive ways. For me, I think a holiday is about cookies and lights, and maybe a little reenacting of my childhood. I don’t know the answer to this question. I’m sure it’s different for each person.

Please comment and let me know what a holiday is or means to you.

– Thank you

I Don’t Keep Broken Christmas Ornaments…

I know it’s difficult. After years of collecting or inheriting pretty lights and ornaments, some are destined to be broken, even though their sentimental value can still be strong. This is a great place to push yourself, because holiday decorations take up tons of storage.

I dislike the cold dark winters, and holiday lights warm my soul. And with the new LED lights for sale everywhere, lately we’ve been faced with a new ethical and financial dilemma. LEDs use less electricity, lower our bills, and you can attach more of them together. If you go all out and upgrade your lights, then be strong and say goodbye to the old ones. They take up lots of space, and if you have the new ones, will you really go back? This is a good way to lighten our space.