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Storage VS Mental Clarity

What do you do once you have cleared your clutter? There is always more to do, right? At what point do we call it good enough? Maybe collecting glass frogs is okay, but is it still okay when it takes up half a room? What do we do when we have cleaned everything, but we need to take it to the next level of cleanliness? We have cleaned the extra clothing out of our closet, but are left with the dust around the corners.

I have a lot of clothing. There is a big charity yard sale coming up and it seemed like a good opportunity to downsize my emotional attachment to fabric. I went though my clothing three times, even the back-up old sentimental clothing. I looked around and realized I still had too much clothing. There were memories holding me to fabric -the most difficult being a ratty old shirt owned by a friend who passed away. But what good is this stuff doing for me in a box? Some day I’m going to pull it out of the box and think ‘oh this’ and then put it back into the box for safekeeping. So many people these days have storage units. I just don’t believe in them. We start to forget what is actually in storage and it becomes a waste of space and mental energy.

So I asked my mom to help me throw away some of the old clothing. Some was my father’s. I so didn’t want to let go, but actually felt strong relief once it was gone. She pointed out that I was saving loved clothing that does not fit me anymore. I don’t believe in saving clothing “because it will fit again someday”. It might be true, but it’s again a huge mental drain. And, truth be told, styles have changed.

Ask a friend to help. Hire me to come be your wingman. But let go of the mental stress that comes along with this stuff. Maybe once you do, the dust in the corners will disappear, or will be more noticeable to your cleaning lady (I’m a big fan of the cleaning lady). And move on. We live in the past and we live in the future. Why is it so hard to live in the present? A clean home helps us have a clean mind, focusing on positive stuff that is relevant to this week.

Our brain makes neuronal connections that can be good or bad. For every bad thought we need a good one if we are to strengthen our state of mind. So try this: every day come up with three positive things that happened that day. See if six months down the line it helps how you feel. And take your vitamins.

Color and the New Year

I’m drawing a blank when it comes to this new year. I feel like I should write something inspirational. I guess get ready for spring cleaning! It’s really dark outside in Olympia, Washington. The best advice I have is to eat good food, take care of yourself, and enjoy the color that we do have. Put colors in your home that make you happy and uplift you.

Omega Institute of Holistic Studies

One day my mom got a catalog in the mail from Omega Institute. This was the only issue she ever received and we have no idea how she ended up on the mailing list. She showed it to me after she flipped though it and noticed that my favorite folk singer Arlo Guthrie was running a writing workshop. My heart skipped. She also showed me the page where it said they hire people to work at the institute. Working there meant you got a discount on one workshop.

A few months later I was hired and packed, had saved money for a plane ticket to New York, and was on my way to go work thirty-hours a week and live in a tent in the woods. Omega is a heavenly retreat center with everything you could imagine – fake sand next to a lake you can swim in, a spa, library, multiple gardens to walk in, meditation areas, vegetarian food, endless holistic workshops, yoga to the max, and much-much more.

Living in a tent was an experience. I was a hike away from a bathroom. I had a co-ed shower with no curtain. Working in the kitchen and housekeeping were hard work. I had to mop vast floors and serve food to hundreds of people at once. However, it was all I could eat, and when I wasn’t sweating in the kitchen I was walking around in paradise. Amazing spiritual speakers from all places come to Omega and help to make it a magical place. I could have never afforded to attend Omega, but my motivation to get there was strong enough that I found another way in. I ended up encountering two famous people. I had a strange conversation with the director of the movie Amélie, and ‘I spied with my little eye’ the character Janice from the television show Friends. I also got to meet Alex Grey who is an amazing artist and does a lot of artwork for the band Tool.

Hard work pays off. I got to meet Arlo Gurthrie, confess my undying love to him and even get a hug. The workshop was dry because Robert Bly was there and I’m not a huge fan. They were talking about how to put poetry into music. I wanted to say… “well, Bob Dylan and Hip-hop have already been there, done that”, but being one of the only females in the workshop, it was hard to get a word in.  But I had followed my heart and dream and managed to get to New York. The whole time I sat five feet away from Arlo. My mission was accomplished.

I wanted to share with you a few photos from my trip to New York because it was a beautiful place that meant a lot. After three hot summer months in a tent I was a different person. Just thinking about the trip makes me insanely nostalgic. The point of this blog is a cheesy one about following your dreams. Sometimes you have to take a chance. This chance brought clarity to my life. It can be hard to take chances when you are tied down to emotion, physical stuff, a career. Still, there are smaller ways to make changes. It’s good to keep your eye out for the possibility of who knows what.


When we walk into our home after a long day of work we should never have to feel depressed or overwhelmed. I’m not going to go over the reasons we sometimes feel this way. I want to say something about light, and the ultimate outcome of bringing light into our homes. Look at this picture and please comment about how it makes you feel or what you see in it.

This picture is cluttered but at the same time looks clean and is full of light. When I look at it I think ‘I want to walk down that street’. It’s nice to feel that way at home. The feeling of walking in the door and feeling comfortable or comforted.

The reason I like this picture is because of the energy and light I see in it. I also feel movement when I look at it. Making a home beautiful is one thing, making it functional, with beautiful movement would be ultimate.

What is the movement like in your home?

How is the light in your home?

Is your home clean enough that you can feel uplifted when you walk in the door?

If these areas need improvement this is a good place to start. For me living in Washington it’s a battle to have the right kind of light that makes a home feel warm and functional. However there is hope and many different things one can do to improve their light and warmth.

When I clutter clear I also house clean on a deep level. The two things together make for the most efficient path to long-term success.

Please let me know what you think!


Halloween is a chance to dress-up. It creates an interesting energy that can mean different things to different people. It has become an art contest and a fashion show! The dark extreme colors are fun but seasonal. Halloween can be a chance to connect with community and maybe even cook something or have a party. This holiday has defiantly lost its spark for me since I lost my justification to eat lots of candy. However some of the art is impressive.