“Ana Jane Sullivan has an amazing ability to quickly assess what needs to be done to make a space more organized, comfortable, and pleasing both to the eye and spirit. She is not judgmental and her cheerful encouragement makes the process almost painless for those of us who are clutter magnets. Hiring her has been one of my very best decisions, I just wish I had done it earlier!”

Catherine (Kay) Foster

“Dear Ana,

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful, enthusiastic  help with my big clutter-clearing and organizing project. This project had seemed so daunting and overwhelming, and as you know, my sense of dread had me completely stuck in inaction.

Working with you made it entirely manageable and even enjoyable! You brought such great energy and so many wonderful ideas to this project. It is such a relief to be lightened of the possessions that had become such heavy obstacles in my life. The benefits from your clutter-clearing and organizing have had a positive ripple effect in my life.  Working with you on this project has given me new clarity and fresh inspiration. I am continuing to clear out the excess, and enjoying the results!

Thank you so much for your positive, non-judgemental attitude and your enthusiasm and great sense of humor. You completely lifted the pressure from the process and changed my whole perspective. Who knew getting rid of stuff and getting organized could be so fun? It really is a great feeling, and I cannot thank you enough.  “

– Sandra

“I hired Ana Jane Sullivan at a time when my company was growing rapidly and I needed help managing the growth in a sustainable way.  As my clientele grew, I was hiring new employees, quickly outgrowing my little office, and the new demands were beginning to feel overwhelming.  I needed the professional support and fresh perspective of an organizational consultant skilled in systems thinking. Ms. Synodis possesses the ability to cut through inertia with signature ease and humor.  She is exceptional at facilitating new, creative perspectives and producing solid results. Her elegant, common sense approach targets disorganization and clutter at their very source, and empowers clients to implement lasting and dynamic change. Working with her was a pleasure and brought great practical benefit to my organization. I highly recommend her services.”


-Sopa Lhamo