Ana Jane

I am a writer and artist. I had my own business doing professional cleaning, Feng Shui and clutter clearing named called Getting Lighter. now I have fibromyalgia and that makes everything a little tricky. I’m working on finishing a book of my life stories and preparing for my first big art show. I’m looking to start a career in Portland, Oregon. That-said, my dreams have changed since I became chronically ill. So if you live in SE/NE Portland and want a record-blasting-artist and her barking-Chihuahua to live in your basement indefinitely and for free I’m your girl (no mold please).

I’m an “un-schooler” who didn’t learn to read until I was ten or write a sentence until I was thirteen (just because I didn’t feel like it) I went to The Evergreen State College for Psychology and after getting my b.A. I did some grad school at Naropa University studying Creative Writing. I live in Olympia and I collect records. I’m trying to move forward with my dreams. And when I’m too sick to be productive I watch Netflix and Hulu.

I’m here looking to network.

List of interests

Poetry, Opera, Cool Neighbors, Thrift Shopping Finding Rocks, Karaoke, Playing Dress-up, Legos, Nerf Guns, Dogs, Walking, Making This Website, Lana Del Rey, Jack White, The Ink Spots, I’m Just Fucking With you, Cruel Intentions, Silence of the Lambs, Meeting Peoples Parents, macrobiotic diet, Art, National Parks, Puzzles, Miss Scarlet Cards, Peanut butter Cookies, Coffee, Gilmore Girls, Blankets, Classic Movies, Creepy Videos Online, Hopeless Romantic Stuff, Flowers, Black and White Photos, Dollhouses, Rings, Records, The Sixties and Nineties, IKEA, Making People Laugh, Caskets, Flamingos, Going to the Oregon Coast, Interior Painting, Skipping Rocks, Rhinestones, Honesty, New Socks, Making Friends.

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